- Mod Pack for Dragon Age: Origins/Awakening

"Over the last decade I've garnered quite a collection of mods for Dragon Age: Origins and the DLC Awakening. I've even been known to open up the toolset myself, now and then, to customize some of these mods for my own purposes.

These mods include bug-fixes, minor gameplay changes, and a lot of vanillaISH atmospheric/aesthetic alterations to make DAO/A more consistent with the rest of the Dragon Age canon (including lore that's not as well known, like the novels).

I find inspiration in the "Improved Atmosphere" mod -- but it's a bit too much for me, as a big fan of vanilla DAO. My modpack would likely resemble a much skinnier version of IA, but with some personalized additions." --Lodane

Author: lodane, 11.01.2019, 14:52
Idea status: under consideration


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