- Podcast about Michael Crichton's Congo

"Oh boy. It was the year Nineteen-Hundred and Ninety-Five. The movie 'Congo' was released, and the world did not rejoice.

I would like to discuss, ideally in 12 episodic podcasts, the intellectual property that is Congo. Why 'Congo' was a box-office failure, comparisons to the novel and film, the alongside video-games, merchandising and advertising released for the film, some truly deep dives surrounding the cast as well as the locations used in the film, and most importantly -- an *actual* intellectual analysis and review of the film's metaphors and themes unlike anything you're going to find at Rotten Tomatoes.

I've been discussing this movie for years. In academic environments, such as English or Film-and-Video Production classes -- and casually with buddies that either hate or treasure it. Those that have read the book, and those that have not. People who like Crichton, and those that do not. At least one guest is already available, the host of another Crichton-related podcast.

While this could easily be classified as a "Bad Movie Podcast" (and that's fine with me) my aim is to explain how this movie came to be so reviled, and really try to break down the psychology of that hate." --Lodane

Author: lodane, 11.01.2019, 15:50
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