- Custom Megahood for The Sims 2

"I have years and years of TS2 stuff stockpiled. Houses, neighborhoods, custom content, ported content, and even some stuff I made myself. I want to create a megahood to share.

My philosophy behind this megahood:
1.) Megahoods are more fun, so maximize Megahood benefits.
2.) A metro area having several suburbs is how these things actually work.
3.) Sim Bins and Lot Bins are better when empty.
4.) Every attempt will be made to ensure all households have phones.
5.) I will only included Custom Content that is absolutely crucial.
6.) Custom neighborhoods enjoy the benefit of blended content (using all the packs at once).
7.) TS2 is the best game, but let's steal music and assets from all the others. Also, EA sucks.
8.) TS2 is basically Abandonware at this point.

Build Custom Mainhood (create custom terrain file, place buildings, decorate neighborhood).
- Release Mainhood as standalone file.
Attach & Modify all Maxis neighborhoods (Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley, Belladonna Cove, Bluewater Village, Downtown, Sim State University, La Fiesta Tech, Academie Le Tour, Twiikki Beach, Three Lakes, Takemizu Village)
Ensure all townies and downtownies are named correctly, along with other citizen data cleanup and workforce customization.
Reconstruct neighborhoods from 'The Sims Life Stories' (Four Corners, Bitville).
- Release TSLS hoods as standalone file.
Reconstruct neighborhoods from 'The Sims Pet Stories' (Garden Heights, Mesa Flats, Arbor Falls).
- Release TSPS hoods as standalone file.
(I will likely not include a reconstruction from Castaway stories, perhaps a tribute instead, undecided. If I do anything, it'll also be released standalone.)
Attach & Modify all recreated Maxis neighborhoods from 'Stories' games (Four Corners, Bitville, Garden Heights, Mesa Flats, Arbor Falls).
Attach & Modify all non-Maxis neighborhoods (e.g., Viper Canyon, West Weasels, Woodspell Springs, Brainania, etc.)
Attach & Modify all completely custom neighborhoods (e.g., Longshore Beach, Industrial Park).
- Release custom hoods as standalone files.
Reconstruct/clone Tutorial families & houses.
Create custom businesses & employees.
Create custom townies, downtownies, dormies, etc.
Create custom sim and house.
Ensure all Families and Lots in the bins have been placed.
Create Megahood.html (tiddlywiki explaining megahood in full)

Author: lodane, 11.01.2019, 17:45
Idea status: under consideration


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