- Rebooting Twitch Stream

"I casually streamed, like 5 years ago, on and off. I was never serious about it, I didn't have a dedicated audience. I spent most of my time on Twitch as a mod in DailyPvP's stream and just goofed around broadcasting some SWTOR and Saints Row 3-4.

If I were to start my Twitch stream back up, my gameplay would largely start off with my rotation of BioWare games. Also, I would likely begin by using my roommate's streaming setup when she's offline, saving for my own streaming rig.

Were I to do this, it would be a dedicated effort. My initial goal, within the platform itself, would be Affiliate status. I would schedule 3 days a week of production, and at least one day of pre-production every week. I assume at some point... something resembling post-production would also happen as well, so this is basically a part-time job right off the bat. I'm okay with that, but it is what it is." --Lodane

Author: lodane, 12.01.2019, 13:49
Idea status: under consideration


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