- Organize Breendoggle/MZB Research

"I have a large amount of research gathered regarding a number of incidents including authors Marion Zimmer Bradley and her husband Walter Breen. MZB is a prolific fantasy writer, and Walter Breen's book on stamp collecting is owned by all involved in the hobby. MZB is also known for forming the SCA, along with her brother.

This research includes information from various sources: fanzines, letters of complaint, interviews, and court records (including testimony). The case involves the constant sexual and mental abuse of the children in the home of MZB and Breen (their own children, and the children of others). WZB and Breen had radical ideas of homosexuality, pederasty/pedophilia, and free love.

As a result of this open secret of child abuse, their daughter grew up to be radically anti-gay (and a harpist, of all things).

I need to organize this data, and the story it tells, to see what should be done with it from there... novel, screenplay, documentary, essay/article, factsheet, etc." --Lodane

Author: lodane, 24.01.2019, 02:53
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