- Syncretic Erisian Temple (Formation)

The following is required to establish a religious organization according to the IRS code and other bank and business requirements.

OBTAIN: Domain (.ORG)
OBTAIN: Get Federal EIN
WRITE: "Our Creed"
WRITE: "How We Worship"
WRITE: "Our Church Government"
WRITE: "Code of Doctrine & Discipline"
WRITE: "Our History"
WRITE: "Our Literature"
WRITE: "Our Holidays"
WRITE: "Articles of Incorporation" (creating board of directors)
WRITE: "Opening Resolutions" (first board of directors meeting)
FORM ORGANIZATION: "Balance Ministries" (organization of ministers)
FORM ORGANIZATION: "Syncretic Erisian Theological Seminary" (class for youth, class for congregation, class for ministers)

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